Q: How much is a custom glove?

A: Custom glove prices start at $150 for cowhide, $250 for steerhide, and $350 for kip. Prices can vary based on the amount of customization chosen by the customer (i.e. logos, embroideries, cutouts, etc.)


Q: What is a semi-custom glove?

A: Semi-custom gloves are a simple and easy way to add your own style to our best selling models & designs. With semi-customs, you start with a base design, select a few colors, choose your size, choose your web & call it a day. It's that easy.


Q: What is the difference between a "custom" and a "semi-custom" glove?

A: Custom gloves can be FULLY designed and built to the customer's exact specs, while semi-custom gloves are a preset design with only a few options that can be changed or customized. 


Q: Can I add special requests to my glove? I don't see what I'm looking for on the glove customizer.

A: YES! We specialize in special requests. In fact, we ENCOURAGE it. Please get creative and push the limits. You can leave any notes or special instructions for us at the end of your order. (Please note that some special requests will require additional payment. We recommend that you ask for a quote on your special request prior to placing your order.


Q: Do you sell stock gloves?

A: We do sell stock gloves on occasion however they are not something that we always have available. You can check our stock glove inventory any time by navigating to the "STOCK" section under the "GLOVES" tab on our home page.


Q: Do you sponsor teams/players?

A: We offer an NIL athlete program, sales rep program, & team discounts. Please send a detailed email to info@lazerprosports.com to inquire.


 Q: Do you make softball gloves?

A: We do! You can select the softball option on the glove builder.